Join us for an elite paddle sport training. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, our courses are designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your technique. With a focus on safety, skill development, and fun, our training programs are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Explore Messinia is proud to be an official provider and training center for the British Canoeing Awards. Our dedicated team of certified instructors is passionate about paddling and committed to delivering high-quality training that aligns with the prestigious standards set by British Canoeing. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your personal paddling skills or aspire to become a professional coach or leader, Explore Messinia offers a comprehensive range of courses to support your goals. By choosing us, you’re joining a community dedicated to excellence in paddle sport education and long-term development.


British Canoeing offers a framework of awards and qualifications designed to support and recognize the skills of paddlers across various disciplines, including kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). These awards are not mandatory for casual kayaking however, they are highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their skills, ensure safety on the water, and progress in paddle sport activities. The awards are structured to cater to paddlers at all levels, from beginners to advanced, and they cover a range of skills and environments.


The Paddle Awards are for those getting into a boat for the first time, enabling them to feel confident in their chosen craft in a sheltered water environment. The awards help empower the paddler, enabling them to start their lifelong journey into paddle sport. There are three Paddle Awards to choose from:

Experience your first session on the water; learning useful skills for an enjoyable paddling experience. This award aims to provide you with the basic knowledge to enable you to safely get in and out of your boat, make it move and return to your start point. This is your first step into the world of paddle sports, ensuring you feel safe, confident and ready to progress to the Discover Award.

Length: 1 days

Price: 100€  per person per day

Syllabus: Click for Paddle Start Award details

This award allows you to develop your decision making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water, taking you on the next steps towards becoming a proficient and independent paddler. Learn how to choose and effectively use equipment, whilst developing an understanding of the factors which affect your paddling.

Length: 1 days

Price: 120€  per person per day + plus British Canoeing candidate administration fee: £6

Syllabus: Click for the Paddle Discover Award details

Your Explore Award gives you ownership; allowing you to choose where you move next in the world of paddle sport. Working with our coach you will be able to develop a program that suits what you need. Learning to make confident choices with this individualized approach. Recognizing your ability to independently paddle your chosen craft in a sheltered water environment.

Length: 2 days

Price: 250€  per person per day + Plus British Canoeing candidate administration fee: £8

Syllabus: Click for Paddle Explore Award details


We provide British Canoeing discipline specific, personal performance awards where you can specialize into the bit of the sport of Sea Kayak. Training courses take place in a moderate sea environment, you’ll be paddling in the waves to develop your Sea Kayak handling and your rescue skills. Our Personal Performance Awards are broken down into the following 2 stages. Experience of being in a Sea Kayak is essential, we advise that you’ve been sea kayaking a few times at the least

Our Coastal Sea Kayak Award endorses your judgment, decision making and expertise and requires a good understanding of paddling on the sea. You should be confident planning and undertaking journeys on the sea in winds up to and including force 4 and/or tides up to 2 Knots, in a Sea Kayak in tidal or non-tidal environments. Your confidence should be based upon both proficiency in skills and a broad appreciation of surroundings and environmental context. Your award should be seen as a sound basis for independently building the experience and expertise we associate with Advanced Sea Kayak Award holders.

Training Length: 2 days – Price: 200€ per person

Assessment: 1 day – Price: 150€ per person + Plus British Canoeing candidate administration fee: £10 members; £20 non-members

Syllabus: Click for Sea Kayak Award details

The Sea Kayak Leader is aimed at paddlers who wish to lead groups of sea kayakers in moderate sea (tidal or non-tidal). As a Sea Kayak Leader, you will have extensive experience of paddling on the sea. Your experience will include paddling a wide variety of sea conditions with winds over force 4 and/or tides over 2 Knots, using sea kayaks in tidal or non-tidal environments, where you may make open crossings in excess of 2Nm, as well as travelling along the coastline.

Training Length: 2 days – Price: 350€ per person

Assessment: 2 day – Price: 400€ per person  + Plus British Canoeing candidate administration fee: £10 members; £20 non-members

Syllabus: Sea Kayak Leader Award Details


Whether you’re starting from scratch or you are a rolling god that occasionally has problems! Our sea kayak courses aimed at rolling are fun and anyone can have a go.

We find the best way to learn is to break down the sessions into small bite size chunks. Then we spread the coaching throughout the day. After all there is only so much water you can fit in your nose!

We can either set up a rolling course designed for you or you can join one of our day trips and have a go at several points through the trip.

Length: 1 day

Price: 120€  per day


Explore Messinia offers a comprehensive Sea Kayak training program for those who wish to lead groups professionally. This program leads to receiving recognition and certification as a professional under the framework of the Hellenic Association of Tourist Enterprises of Outdoor Activities (HATEOA). This certification is recognized by the Greek National Accreditation System of the Ministry of Development.

This prestigious recognition is for professionals who wish to lead groups of sea kayakers in a moderate environment. It recognizes the experience you have paddling on the sea, allowing you to lead a group commercially into day trips or multiday trips. By partaking in our training courses and assessments, participants are equipped to lead with confidence, ensuring journeys are enjoyable, and safe, and conform to the standards set by the Sea Kayak Leader award. If you’d like to be trained or assessed, get in touch (outlining your qualifications) and we’ll see how we can help!