Sea kayak Award June 2024

Do you want to become a professional outdoor activities animator and Sea kayak guide or do you just love Sea kayak and want to enrich your knowledge about the subject?
The Sea kayak Award training and certification is your next step!

The activity of Sea Kayaking has been a rapidly growing trend in the world of outdoor activities in recent years. The ability of kayaks to travel safely at sea offers a fun and environmentally friendly way to explore and enjoy our uniquely beautiful Greek seas and coastlines. Especially at a time when contact with nature has become an imperative, kayaking excursion are a truly special way out with unique possibilities.
You can learn these possibilities by participating in our training programs., as well as all the knowledge about the correct use of the equipment, the understanding of rowing techniques, safety parameters, and navigation and rescue techniques.
Continuing our effort and goal to spread Sea kayaking to more and more people, this year we are again organizing educational activities at the standards of British Canoeing (BC), perhaps the world’s most recognized organization in the certification of knowledge about paddling. Below are the details of the training program:

Sea Kayak Award Training and Assessment

This training program offers practical and theoretical knowledge for the participant’s comprehensive technical training in boat handling as well as safety and rescue. It is also the first step for those who are thinking of developing and using this knowledge in the future, at a professional level.

The purpose of the program is to train the rower as a useful member of a leading group of rowers. The participant will be assessed beyond basic knowledge, on improved rowing techniques and their safe execution in an unprotected environment with wind intensity up to 3 Beaufort.

Program duration: 3 days. First day: Meet the team, familiarize yourself with the equipment, and introduce the basics of kayaking. Day two and three: The practical part of the Sea Kayak Award training is conducted based on the material as outlined in the Sea Kayak Award Syllabus. On the morning of the third day, we individually examine and perfect the techniques necessary for a successful assessment. At noon, we spend the assessment with a demonstration of the trainees’ knowledge and skills to obtain Sea Kayak Award certification. Here you can see in detail the material covered by the program from British Canoeing.


The results will be announced at the end of the day. Participants who will demonstrate during the three days their ability to perform the basic exercises included in the Sea Kayak Award syllabus are successfully certified in the British Canoeing system by obtaining the corresponding certificate.

Sea Kayak Award training/assessment dates: Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June.

Participation fee*: 350 euros.

The cost concerns participation in a three-day training and participation in the evaluation process. (Total: 3 days).

*The participation fee for the above program includes:

– Instructor from British Canoeing (BC)

– Assessor from British Canoeing (BC)

– Organization – Implementation of courses

– The educational material and the exercise book

– Evaluation/Examination

– 1 light meal in between each training day

– Full equipment: canoe and sea kayak (Boat, paddle, skirt, life jacket)

– Extra equipment/clothing (dry bags, paddle float, pump, towlines, neoprene suit, neoprene socks, waterproof)

– Photos and material from the training

– Liability insurance

What is not included:

– In case of success: The cost of issuing a certificate of success from British Canoeing (20 British pounds)

– Accommodation

– Breakfast

– Dinner

– Transportation