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Explore Messenia is trusted by industry experts and has received favorable recognition in prestigious travel publications, further illustrating our commitment to excellence, but perhaps our most notable endorsement comes from our satisfied clients, whose positive experiences and testimonials underscore the unforgettable adventures we offer.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Your journey with Explore Messinia is deeply important to us, and who better to share the richness of this experience than our treasured clients themselves? Immerse yourself in our collection of customer reviews and testimonials. They offer an unfiltered look into the unforgettable adventures that await you, providing insights on our array of tours and services. Reading these testimonials allows you to understand the quality of experiences we deliver, helping you make a well-informed choice for your own Messenian adventure. Dive into the authentic narratives of our satisfied clients and see why they chose, and continue to choose, Explore Messenia for their travel journeys.

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Authorized resellers

Explore Messinia is proud to partner with a network of authorized resellers dedicated to promoting our unique tours and services. As part of our commitment to quality and integrity, our resellers adhere to stringent standards, ensuring our clients receive the same exceptional experience regardless of their booking channel.
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  • Google Things to Do
  • Airbnb
  • GetYourGuide
  • Manawa
  • Expedia Group

and many more foreign and Greek OTA’s

Mentions in Websites and Publications

Explore Messinia takes pride in the recognition we’ve garnered from well-known websites and publications. Prestigious travel journals, including National Geographic Traveler and Lonely Planet, have featured our tours, echoing our commitment to authentic, immersive and responsible travel experiences. Furthermore, renowned websites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia have acknowledged our efforts, with glowing reviews and high ratings from travelers worldwide. This widespread acclaim not only validates our work but also motivates us to continue enhancing our services for an even better travel experience.

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