The Mountain

Mount Taygetos is the highest mountain in the Peloponnese boasting a height of 2407 meters. Beautiful forests covering the sub-alpine area, gorges, and ravines shaded by plane trees are features of an incredible landscape. Walking the trails of Taygetos, a hiker can witness the geological history of 200 million years. The highest peak of 2407m, a solid limestone forms an almost perfect pyramid considered a sacred place from ancient times. in addition, hiking the highest peak was an important achievement for the ancient Spartans and still is today.

The group

For six days we hiked Mount Taygetos with a group of 18 hikers from Israel and their leader Tom Tsur. It was a great opportunity to see the whole mountain dressed in its autumn colors. Moreover, the partnership with Compass Adventures and Nxt-d office provided the opportunity for travelers from Israel to hike safely on the slopes and at the summit of the highest mountain of the Peloponnese. They got in touch with its rich ecosystem and they met the locals and gained unforgettable memories. Mystras, Anavriti, EOS Shelter, Prophet Elias Summit, as well as Agios Dimitrios, Kardamili, Exochori, Milea, Pyrgos, Kampos, and Altomira are some of the most known places and villages. The travelers walked since literally on these 6 days they plowed the whole mountain of Taygetos from the Laconian side to its Messinian side.

The people

The whole trip was very successful and all the hikers were thrilled. Boosters of this effort among many were, Explore Messinia providing a local guide, next to Manolis Aloimonos of EOS Kalamata who followed us for a part of the route and created an amazing video. Lastly, Vangelis Antonopoulos took care of our hospitality in a mountain refuge of EOS Sparta. Our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported and assisted this 6 day hiking adventure.