An half-day guided sea kayak exploration in the lacy coastline of the Mani, with a tasty pic-nic stop.

The place

Kardamyli is a village in the Mani nestled between the blue waters of the Messinian Gulf and Mount Taygetos creating one of the prettiest settings in the Peloponnese. Sea kayak Kardamyli is a not to be missed trip. An inch-by-inch exploration of one incredibly beautiful and rich in images coasts. You paddle in warm crystal-clear waters, exploring hidden coves, sea caves, and impressive rock formations, visiting idyllic beaches scattered along the coast.

The trip

Meet your guides at the starting point right in St. Johns Fishing Harbor. Before departure, your guides will brief you on trip details, kayak paddling techniques, and safety measures. Sea kayak Kardamyli is about exploring the coast at a relaxed paddling pace. Your guides will narrate to you some of the legends and stories of the region. Each little cove hides a special surprise such as hidden sea caves, rock gardens, and cliffs with spectacular formations. From your kayak you can see through the crystal-clear water the sea life and if you are lucky a sea turtle swimming under you.

One of the top attractions of this trip is a visit to the Blue Cave. A spectacular natural phenomenon where sunlight passing through a crack in the cave reflects on the seafloor an aquamarine color. A swim in the cave is a must-do and a lifetime experience. On the way, we discover spectacular rock gardens emerging from the sea. Why not try to navigate our kayaks between the rocks? Halfway we shall make a big break at a beach for swimming, resting, and tasting a homemade picnic of fresh local delicacies. After lunch, we shall paddle back to the starting point to end a remarkable day at the coastline of Mani.

Meeting time: 9:30 a.m.

Meeting point: The old customs in St. John’s harbor

Duration: 4 hours including breaks

Difficulty: Easy

Suitability: Family friendly, Group friendly, Couples, Older people, Youths, Kids over 5 years old

Know before you book Sea kayak Kardamyli

Activity requirements:
– A minimum number of 2 participants is required for this activity to take place.
– Previous experience is not required
– Knowing how to swim is compulsory for this activity.
– Relatively good physical condition is needed
– Parental accompaniment is required for minors to take part in this activity.
– Kids from 5 years old may join this trip.
– A written waiver form is compulsory to be filled in before taking part in this activity.

– Super stable and easy to paddle single or double Kayaks with rudder
– Full Sea Kayak equipment: paddle, life jacket, spray-deck, waterproof jacket, waterproof bags
– Land and water-based Sea Kayaking paddling instructions
– British Canoeing (BC) certified Sea Kayak leaders, holding a first-aid certificate.
– Eco-friendly cultural and educational guiding
– Picnic lunch with freshly baked bread, handpicked vegetables, extra virgin olive oil dips, local cheese, and fruits of the season
– Photographs from the trip
– All taxes

– Water (please bring your own full bottle of water)
– Transfer to meeting point
– Tip or gratuity

Upgrades and discounts:
Private trips available.
Discounts available for families and kids.
Hotel pick up / drop off upon request.

We reserve the right to modify or cancel any outdoor activity due to bad weather or any other reason beyond our control.
See our terms and conditions

Know before you go

What to bring with you:
– Bottle of water (A reusable bottle helps in minimizing plastic waste)
– Medication you may need
– Hat
– Short or long sleeve t-shirt
– Sunscreen
– Towel
– Swimwear or shorts
– Change of dry clothes (to be used after the activity)
– Sea shoes or flip flops or sandals (Avoid bulky shoes and socks)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’ve never kayaked before?

Most of our customers are first-timers. Sea kayak Kardamyli trip is easy to catch up and beginners can complete a decent journey on their first-time sea kayaking trip. The kayaks you will be using are super stable and suit all levels of paddlers, even if you have never paddled before. Our experienced guides will take you through the basic skills so you have the knowledge and adequate paddling capability to enjoy a day at the sea.

What will be the pace?

All of our trips are about journeying. We paddle at a relaxed pace; we learn on the move and enjoy the marine environment. If you are a group of experienced paddlers wanting to complete a demanding journey then a private trip would be the best option.

What should I wear?

We suggest wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit wet. Swimwear is essential if you wish to swim, a quick dry t-shirt, hat, sunglasses, and shorts. Running shoes and socks are not recommended as they tend to get soggy. Sea shoes, sandals or flip-flops are fine. A lightweight polypropylene or fleece layer should be included in early spring and late fall tours. Dry bags are provided where you can store your phone or some other personal belongings.

Who are the people that will guide us?

Professional local kayak leaders trained and certified by the British Canoeing (BC) with a great knowledge of the area and the marine environment.

Is this Sea Kayaking trip suitable for families with kids?

Absolutely Yes! A family sea kayak tour is fun, educational, stimulating, and surprisingly relaxing for parents who wish to have their kids engaged in the experience of exploring the marine environment and the outdoors in a safe and controlled way. We offer discounted rates for families with kids on some tours.

What is the minimum age for a kid to join this sea kayaking trip?

Kids from 5 years old may join a standard group trip or a private trip. We always walk with kids at a relaxed pace allowing them to learn and have fun.

What is the trip best suited for me, and how do I choose?

All of our trips are designed to be suitable for everybody. Each one has its own unique characteristics. The best way to choose a trip among others is to check which one departs closer to the place you are staying.

Do you offer private trips?

Yes, we can organize a private tour, standard or tailor-made, just for you, your family, or your friends.

Should I book a standard trip or a private trip?

If you are happy to hike with a mixed group or don’t want to spend as much money then booking a standard group trip is the best way to go. Private trips really work best with groups of experienced hikers or groups of friends who want to do something a bit different, would like to do a more advanced journey or just want to have privacy and enjoy the trip just themselves.

Is lunch provided?

Yes, simple, nutritious and flavorsome, the food is one of the pleasures during our trips. Halfway we make a relaxing stop at a nice place to taste a picnic with freshly baked bread, organic garden-grown fruits and vegetables, homemade olive oil, and cheese.

What route will we take?

We usually perform our tours within a certain route aiming to visit the most beautiful spots each trip has to offer however; your guide is likely to choose an alternative route that suits the conditions on the day and the experience and needs of the group. This is the safest and best way to operate Kayaking trips.

Where do I park my car?

You can park your vehicle safely and for free near our meeting point. Feel free to ask us about parking conditions for a specific trip.

What happens if the weather is unsuitable?

A hiking trip is either canceled by refunding you or arranged for another day.

How can I book a trip?

Through our website’s booking engine on Sea kayak Kardamyli product. You can also fill up the online booking form for the trip you want to participate.

We are committed to promoting sustainable tourism and preserving the natural beauty of the coastline for future generations. Our Sea Kayaking activity embodies this green character in several meaningful ways. Notably, the activity is powered solely by human effort, ensuring no fossil fuel is consumed during your exploration. By opting for paddle power, we minimise our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Our super stable and easy-to-paddle single or double kayaks are made from high-quality, durable materials designed to have minimal impact on the environment. Additionally, we supply reusable waterproof bags to keep your belongings dry, reducing the need for single-use plastics.

We strongly encourage all participants to bring a reusable water bottle to minimize the use of plastic throwaways. Hydration is crucial, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of our planet’s health. Refillable bottles can be topped up before departure to ensure you have ample water for the journey.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond equipment and personal habits. We integrate environmental stewardship into our activities. During our trips, guides will provide space and bags for small beach clean-ups, encouraging participants to help maintain the pristine condition of the coastline. We ask everyone to collect any plastic or other debris encountered along the way, ensuring that we leave the places we visit better than we found them.

By following these sustainable practices, together we can ensure that the breathtaking beauty of the coastline remains undisturbed and that our sea kayaking experiences continue to be eco-friendly and enriching for all.

You can read more about our Sustainability Policy and Code of Conduct here.