Mountainous Greece

Greece is a mountainous country, a paradise for hikers from around the world. A few days, before the beginning of winter, Explore Messinia has completed several ascents on the pyramidal summit of Mount Taygetos with many hikers from various countries around the world. There are many trails ideal for climbers or hikers leading to the peaks of the mountain but also old cobble paths starting from the shoreline and reaching the most remote mountain villages. The hikers get amazed at the biodiversity of the mountain, and the impressive geomorphology.

Mount Taygetos is the highest mountain in the Peloponnese boasting a height of 2407 meters. Beautiful forests covering the sub-alpine area, gorges, and ravines shaded by plane trees are features of an incredible landscape. Walking the trails of Taygetos, a hiker can witness the geological history of 200 million years. The highest peak of 2407m, a solid limestone forms an almost perfect pyramid considered a sacred place from ancient times. Hiking the highest peak was an important achievement for the ancient Spartans and still is today.

Hiking the Summit

Our hike to the highest peak of ‘Prophet Elias’ starts from the refuge of the Sparta mountaineering club at 1550m. Reaching the alpine meadows the smell of the fragrant shrubs and wildflowers dominate our senses where the most important the endemic herbal tea is dominant. On our way, we stop to enjoy the spectacular vistas the mountain generously offers. We continue uphill to the so-called ”Portes” meaning gates, a split of the ridge that marks our entry into the final part of our hike to the summit. Soon we will be walking the so-called ”immortal ridge”. A few more steps and we touch the summit plateau ”conquering” the highest peak of the mountain at 2407m. The view from the top is breathtaking to all corners of the horizon. After tasting a delicious picnic that will get our batteries charged, we take the way back.