Cleaning and signaling of national trail E32 has been completed by EOS Kalamata in the section from Agios Dimitrios to the village of Tseria. We are participating in this action contributing to the effort of protection and promotion of our natural and cultural heritage. The specific part of the trail is one of the most beautiful that can be found in Messinia and the within Taygetos range. Signaling on this section follows another one coming from the summit of the mountain which was marked by EOS Kalamata last year.
The national trail E32 starts from Vitina in Arcadia crosses the Lousios gorge. It passes through the slopes of mount Taygetos to end either in Gythio or Kardamili. Starting from Taygetus mountain refuge the trail intersects with the European E4 path and continuous by following three routes. The first route reaches the summit of Prophet Elias, then Sidirokastro, Panagia Kapsodematousa and by crossing the Ridomo gorge ends at the beach of Santova. The second route follows the way to the forest area of Pentavli, from there to Agios Dimitrios to end at Gythio. The third route follows the same direction to Agios Dimitrios and by crossing the gorge of Viros ends at the beach of Kardamili