Methoni is one of the castles-cities of Messinia built in a very strategic location. Its castle dominates the area built on a rock which penetrates the sea and is separated from the mainland by an artificial moat. The jewel of the castle is its tower the ‘’Burji’’ which is connected with an arched, stone paved bridge. Across the coast of Methoni lies the island of Sapienza. Our ” Treasure Island ” for many reasons. In the waters of Sapienza there are plenty of ancient shipwrecks and numerous underwater beauties. The island combines wildlife and flora with crystal clear sea waters of a unique exotic color. On the island we find exceptional flora such as the unique Mediterranean forest of arbutus with trees of 10m height. Here live freely over 100 species including wildgoats (kri-kri) and moulnons, pheasants, partridges and many other species of birds. South of Sapienztas we find the deepest point of the Mediterranean 5.121m deep. The island is accessible by our sea kayaks (upon request) from Methoni beach opposite the Castle. An unforgettable experience.