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Three days combo activities in Kardamyli

We have just returned from a fantastic weekend in Kardamili that had it all. Sea Kayaking, Hiking, Archery, Diving, mountain running under Taygetos Challenge and of course our national [...]

Rafting in the Heart of the Peloponnese

In the heart of the Peloponnese, in the region of Arcadia we meet rivers Lousios and Alphios. Two rivers ideal for rafting all year round. We paddle with our [...]

Carnival Sea kayaking training

We put our masks and flew our kites together with pupils of the first for this year Sea kayaking training organized during carnival.Carnival a frantic celebration for all ages [...]

Sea Kayaking Training Sessions – Feb 2016

A fun and environmentally friendly way to explore and enjoy the unique beauty of Greek seas  is by a sea kayak. However, traveling with such a craft  requires  knowledge [...]

Cape Akritas and the island of Venetiko

A characteristic feature of the coastline of Messinia is the embrace of the Messinian gulf formed between the Messinian Peninsula in the west and the Mani peninsula in the [...]


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